Breathing Mornings ! Group training

No breathing ? No energy.
No breathing ? No vitality.
No breathing ? No confidence.

Breathing is easy.
Breathing is accessible.
Breathing is fun.
Breathing is intense.
Breathing brings joy, or strength, or inspiration. It can bring sadness that needs to be addressed, or anger that needs to be focused.
Breathing brings up what your body craves to tell you.
Breathing makes you listen, focus and commit.

Breathing together brings more energy, more fun, more depth.

Let’s breathe to sit up without useless efforts. To release tensions, to let go of unchosen resistances, and add power to chosen resistances.
Let’s breathe to break through automatic self-doubt and movements restrictions. To draw boundaries. To allow sensitivity. To take care of ourselves and our people.



Every tuesday, let’s meet for a morning breathing training.
Exercices are based on movement and intentions, centered around the respect of our body’s needs. The movements are adapted to our different abilities, sensations and energy. If a movement doesn’t feel right, you’ll be guided to explore the intentions of the exercice in a way that gives power to your experience.

Feel free to join the group each time, or once or two. Wear comfortable clothes and if you wear lenses, prefer glasses for the training.

8.30am – 9.30am (with time after the session to meet and drink tea)

Rue Berckmans 55, 1st floor without lift

Pay what you can, Value the work.

HERBAL TEA offered

at or +32(0) 485 390 911

teaching will be given in English, except if every participants speak french. Translation can be done.

Welcome !

Mathilde Borcard is a somatic bodywork practitioner trained in anxiety and chronic pain reduction. She runs L’Estime Asbl, a trauma-informed non-medical health care practice for individuals and groups. She practices a body-mind approach that is taught through touch, body awareness, breathing, movement and both verbal and bodily communication.

L’Estime Asbl is an association of practitioners practicing their art with shared values of respect, dignity, safety and accessibility. Our clients are the experts in their own experience and their own healing. We work to assist them in (re)discovering this and to building their capacity for self-care. We stand against discrimination based on race, class, age, ability, sexuality, gender and all other double standards. We commit ourselves to an education process around these issues so we can make this stand as well as possible.
We know that to be sustainable, healing must be wider than an individual process and within our capacities, we align ourselves with struggles to end such oppressions.
As workers, we want our work to be dignified and sustainable for ourselves as well as our clients. To this end, we look for ways to support each other and will explore economic models that help us achieve our goals without an overemphasis on either profit or self-sacrifice.

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