Herbal Support for the Resistance


Our amazing physiology knows how to resist. It knows how to protest. It knows how to show up when we are needed. What it also knows how to do is restore, to rebuild and to rejoice. If the resistance is to be sustained, both in our bodies and our communities, we must have both the ability to expend energy and reserve it. Plants are incredible teachers of such things. Medicinal herbs can be wonderful allies in our journey of resistance. In this class we will explore specific plants for bodies + spirits encountering prolonged stress, big dreams of inclusive and safe communities and hearts that want to be open and engaged. There will be room to explore topics of anxiety, depression, trauma (both personal and collective) and ask questions.

Kirsten Hale is a community herbalist living in the unceded territories of the Multnomah, Clackamas and other indigenous peoples in a place called Portland, Oregon, USA. Her herbal practice is dedicated to survivors of personal and collective trauma, big dreamers and activists. She has designed an oracle deck based on the patterns of complex trauma and offers in person and online readings. Her life’s work is dedicated to the collective unspelling of white supremacy, cis-hetero-patriarchy, ableist-capitalism and imperialism. Find her writings and work at www.crazyherbalist.com

Practical details :
Participation cost : 25 euros. This covers Kirsten’s fees and travel costs.
The price should not be a problem however and can be discussed. If you can afford more, that’s also welcome!

We will share a simple dinner. When we confirm your registration, we’ll ask you to bring one specific ingredient.
Food will be gluten free and vegetarian with vegan alternatives.

The number of participants is limited to allow more time to discuss our personal experiences. Please register using this form.

Accessibility: there is one flight of stairs to access the room. If this is a problem for you, please reach out to the organisers and we’ll try to find another venue.

Safer space : we will not allow any manifestation of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, anti-semitism, ableism, fatphobia, ageism, islamophobia, xenophobia, comments or discrimination based on someone’s “mental health”.

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